EMRB’s Regional Agriculture Master Plan – an important milestone for the Board, Region, and province.

Farmers hands in wheat field. Successful harvest.
Farmers hands in wheat field. Successful harvest.

Edmonton, AB – The inaugural Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP), that has been 40 months in the making, was approved today by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board.

RAMP is the first-ever regional plan to manage land use for the future of agriculture and the agriculture sector. Our Region’s prosperity and agricultural future depends on planning for agriculture instead of planning around it. RAMP provides direction to conserve prime agriculture lands and minimize future conversion and fragmentation to non- agricultural uses to ensure producers and processors have room to grow. It also acknowledges the important role agriculture serves to safeguard the environment in the protection of watersheds, mitigating impacts of climate change, and sequestering carbon due to sustainable farming practices.

Recognized as Alberta’s second largest economic generator, agriculture is expected to lead our province’s economic recovery. The Region is home to some of the most fertile soils in the country, and the food and beverage sector are reported to be the largest manufacturing employer in the province. Agriculture will contribute to GDP growth, enable economic diversification, create jobs, attract investment, talent, and businesses to our Region. RAMP establishes land use policies and identifies critical infrastructure like rural broadband that is essential to the viability and sustainability of the agriculture and value-added agriculture sectors to achieve its full potential.

“We are blessed with an abundance of natural capital, most notably the abundance of rich productive soils that are the envy of many countries. We have the opportunity to become a global agricultural powerhouse by focusing on creating the right conditions for the sector to thrive.”

Mayor Rod Shaigec, Chair of the RAMP Task Force

“RAMP is a great example of the legacy work this Board is known for, demonstrating leadership and commitment to ensure the economic, environmental, and social prosperity of this Region is secure for future generations.”

Mayor William Choy, Board Chair

Agriculture is complex and because of this, RAMP is only the first step in a long list of future work that needs to continue going forward. The contributions and importance of agriculture and agri-foods will unquestionably be heightened in the years and generations ahead as we work to achieve our own level of local food security and the broader ambition of food sovereignty.

✴︎ Quick facts

  • The EMRB is one of two provincially mandated regional growth management boards in Alberta.
  • Our Region is home to 1.3 million residents that represent one-third of Alberta’s population and one-third of the province’s economic activity, creating a dynamic and growing economy that is a magnet for people, businesses, and investment.
  • The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, and our regional population is expected to grow to over two million citizens by 2044.
  • The EMRB’s growth plan, Re-Imagine. Plan. Build. received the 2017 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for City and Regional Planning Excellence.

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