The Edmonton Metropolitan Region takes another significant step forward in growing collaboratively.

Edmonton, AB – With the approval today of two critical pieces of work, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board has reached another significant milestone in implementing the Region’s growth plan, Re-Imagine. Plan. Build. The approval of a new Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan (IRTMP) and a Shared Investment for Shared Benefit (SISB) framework and model ensures the Region creates the conditions that will contribute to our global competitiveness, attractiveness, and sustainability.

“Our 13 member municipalities recognize that we are stronger together and we are laser focused on the future. With these robust plans and frameworks in place, we are making sure that we continue to grow in a way that meets the needs of future generations.”

Mayor William Choy, Board Chair

The Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan recognizes that we need a plan that not only keeps up with today but plans ahead for the future transportation needs of citizens and businesses in the Region. This plan ensures we continue to move people and goods, connecting our communities and building our economy. It brings value to the Region by reducing duplication in transportation planning, prioritizing investments in critical transportation infrastructure, and allowing municipalities to go further with tax-payer dollars through regional cost-savings and much more.

“The Transportation Master Plan culminates nearly two years of work, and it is the first regional transportation plan to employ data-based analysis. Through the IRTMP, we are delivering a truly integrated, forward-looking plan for efficient movement of goods and regional mobility to connect our communities to what matters and our economy to the world.”

Mayor Gale Katchur, Chair of the IRTMP Task Force

The Shared Investment for Shared Benefit framework and model is a game-changer for regional cooperation. It provides a set of decision-making tools to help us identify initiatives that are regionally significant and helps quantify the required investment and benefits for the partners. SISB recognizes that we as a Region are greater than the sum of our parts and that we can leverage our strengths and resources to achieve economies of scale, cost savings, and process efficiencies.

“Shared Investment for Shared Benefit is a made-in-the-region framework. It is a mechanism that will help member municipalities and regional partners to harness our collective potential to solve regional challenges and capitalize on opportunities that will benefit regional citizens for generations to come.”

Mayor Cathy Heron, Vice Chair of the SISB Task Force

✴︎ Quick facts

  • The EMRB is one of two provincially mandated regional growth management boards in Alberta.
  • Our Region is home to 1.3 million residents that represent one-third of Alberta’s population and one-third of the province’s economic activity, creating a dynamic and growing economy that is a magnet for people, businesses, and investment.
  • The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, and our regional population is expected to grow to over two million citizens by 2044.
  • The EMRB’s growth plan, Re-Imagine. Plan. Build. received the 2017 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for City and Regional Planning Excellence.

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