Participants Reaffirm their Commitment to the Future Prosperity of the Region.

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Edmonton, AB — The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) has voted to support the recommendations from the Dispute Resolution Committee related to an April 13, 2023 Board decision on Sturgeon County’s regional evaluation framework (REF) application (REF 2023-001 – Villeneuve Airport Area). The recommendations reflect the outcomes of facilitated discussions between representatives of the Board and Sturgeon County and exemplify a spirit of collaboration and cooperation among the parties to serve the best interests of our Region.

“The dedication of all participants to finding common ground and the willingness to engage constructively in the discussions were invaluable. We are delighted that the culmination of our efforts will further support the future prosperity of the Edmonton Metro Region.” Mayor Jeff Acker, Spokesperson, Dispute Resolution Committee

In endorsing the committee’s recommendations, the Board has approved a revised REF application for the Villeneuve Airport Area, which focuses on the development of a local employment area that is consistent with the Region’s growth plan.

“Sturgeon County strongly appreciates the support of our regional partners’ decisions today and looks forward to working with the Villeneuve Landing Network to create economic development and well-paying jobs.” Mayor Alanna Hnatiw, Sturgeon County

“Together, we are forging a path towards building a globally competitive Region that offers an unparalleled quality of life and a wealth of economic opportunities. As we work hand in hand, we are well-positioned to welcome another one million residents and almost 500,000 new jobs by 2050. The incredible potential and opportunities that emerge when we unite our efforts are boundless.” Mayor William Choy, Board Chair


The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board unites the decision-makers from 13 rural and urban municipalities in the Region. With populations ranging from 6,500 to 1M, these municipalities are at the forefront of shaping the Region’s future. The Board assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the Region’s growth is both intelligent and sustainable. Our visionary blueprint, Re-imagine. Plan. Build., an acclaimed growth plan, encompasses six interconnected policy areas that address the Region’s opportunities and challenges until 2044. Through deliberate and proactive planning, investment, and construction, we steadfastly maintain the Region’s attraction as a prime destination for businesses and individuals to forge their destinies.

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