Elected to City of Beaumont Council in 2017. Currently serving his first term as Mayor.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Mayor Daneluik and his family moved to Alberta almost 15 years ago, where they immediately fell in love with Beaumont. The idea of raising their children in a small community while being close to a larger centre was very appealing.   

Before entering politics, Mayor Daneluik spent the majority of his career focused on employee benefits. As part of City Council, he lent his voice to see improved community infrastructure, including a new sports and recreation centre, new ball diamonds and multi-use turf fields, and a 12-acre dog park. 

Collaborative work to attract jobs, talent, and investment is key to the Region’s success.

Mayor Bill Daneluik
UDI Regional Realities
Nov. 29, 2022
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Leadership within the EMRB

  • Chair Governance and Human Resources Committee (GHRC) (February 2024 to present)

    Vice Chair GHRC (February 2022 to February 2024)

Impact across the Region

Mayor Daneluik brings a dynamic voice and vision for improved broadband, and secure and reliable connectivity across the Region. Not only is it an essential service for modern life, it is essential to seeding, attracting, and retaining businesses and a labour force who want to invest and stay in our Region. It is no wonder that Beaumont has fully embarked on this path, fully expecting that by the end of 2023 every house, school and business in Beaumont will have access to a fibre optic network with a top speed of 10 gigabits per second.

 Mayor Daneluik knows that bold and innovative leadership is needed to oversee a community and to ensure it continues to grow and attract new families and businesses. This requires integrated planning, and partnerships to envision and enable neighbourhoods of the future. He brings this belief to the EMRB table as well as to other organizations including the Capital Region SW Water Services Commission where he sits as Chair, Edmonton Global, Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, and the Collaborative Economic Development initiative.

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