Elected to Morinville Council in 2021. Currently serving his first term as Mayor.

Mayor Simon Boersma comes from a large farm family and has called Morinville home since 2006. He is a successful entrepreneur working predominantly in the construction and development industries.

Named Morinville Citizen of the Year in 2014 for his involvement in the community and abroad, Mayor Boersma, is a philanthropist who is always looking to give his time where needed.

The EMRB is important to our communities. Regional thinking allows us to explore cost-effective opportunities to benefit our taxpayers.

Mayor Simon Boersma
Welcome to the Region
May 13, 2022
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Leadership within the EMRB

  • Vice Chair Governance and Human Resources Committee (GHRC) (February 2024 to present)

  • Vice Chair Audit and Finance Committee (AFC) (January 2022 to present)

  • Member Governance and Human Resources Committee (GHRC) (January 2022 to present)

  • Member Growth Plan Five-Year Interim Review Task Force (April 2022 to present)

Impact across the Region

Mayor Boersma joins other Board members in strongly advocating for improved connectivity and digital infrastructure across the Region.

Broadband is an essential service and it is vital to a competitive and attractive modern economy.

His involvement in the residential home building industry, along with his work as an ambassador for Boyle Street, demonstrate his commitment to foster thriving and inclusive communities. He has used his platform to raise pressing issues with other regional leaders to identify meaningful actions.

Mayor Boersma’s close ties with Indigenous communities are evident. He is a bridge builder within the Region, forging meaningful relationships with First Nations and Métis leaders and raising awareness on the actions needed on our collective path to truth and reconciliation.

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