We must continue our incredible momentum and foster collaboration. Alberta beckons, and the EMRB stands as the welcoming committee.

Mayor William Choy
EMRB Chair
Mayor Choy is speaking into a microphone with a serious expression on his face.

A collective vision to pursue opportunity and possibility

On September 7, 2023, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) celebrated its 15-year milestone as a regional collaborator and convener. Decision-makers and regional stakeholders from across the Region gathered together for the celebration.

The event, generously sponsored by MNP, Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP, Gallagher, and RUNWITHIT Synthetics, delved into the EMRB’s rich history and profound impact over the past 15 years. From its inception in 2008 as the 25-member Capital Region Board (CRB) to its 2017 transformation into the 13-member EMRB, the Board has consistently thrived on a foundation of collaboration among its members.

The event also featured a series of videos under the theme “It’s a Region Thing” which showcased the success and unique aspects of our Region while featuring each member municipality.

The Government of Alberta recognizes the value of the EMRB and we are cheering you on. “We look forward to hearing from you how we can work together and unlock the unlimited potential of the Region.

Honourable Ric McIver
Minister of Municipal Affairs
Minister McIver is looking off camera and smiling.

It’s a Region Thing! – videos

The Region’s mayors were requested to each create a video discussing their municipality and sharing their perspectives on what the EMRB signifies to them. Strathcona took an amusing approach in their video by playfully deconstructing the concept of the Region. After watching Strathcona’s video, watch the remaining videos and see how the municipalities come together to build a vibrant and thriving Region!

The EMRB continues to build on the foundation that has been constructed and leaning in on a collective vision to pursue opportunity and possibility. And we, the regional partners here today in this room, are committed to working alongside you.

Joan Hertz
Chair of Edmonton International Airports
Joan Hertz is gesturing and looking serious at a podium with a microphone.

Unleashing boundless potential

William Choy, Mayor of Stony Plain and Chair of the EMRB, along with Karen Wichuk, CEO of the EMRB, shared their reflections on the Board’s achievements to date. They reminded the audience of the relentless efforts that have gone into nurturing a prosperous Region, brimming with robust and vibrant communities, all with boundless potential. 

CEO Wichuk commended the audience, many of whom were the “architects of the Board’s award-winning growth plan,” approved by the Province in 2017. CEO Wichuck stated, “You understand the vision, effort, and compromise that went into shaping a plan for the Region’s future.”

The growth plan, as Wichuk explained, has anchored or driven a number of significant accomplishments, including:

Mayor Choy, a steadfast presence since 2012, marveled at the remarkable progress. He emphatically declared, ” We must continue our incredible momentum and foster collaboration. Alberta beckons and the EMRB stands as the welcoming committee.”

Future of the EMRB

What lies ahead for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region? Allan Gamble, Mayor of Parkland County, current Board Vice Chair and the first incoming rural Board Chair, gave a preview in his address.

In 20 years, this Region will be acknowledged as a global leader in agriculture, environmental protection and stewardship, energy security, and social responsibility. We are going to be a Region where strong investment happens by design; where great jobs are bountiful and the potential is boundless.

Mayor Allan Gamble
EMRB Vice Chair and incoming Board Chair
Mayor Gamble is smiling in front of a microphone.

Toasting the Board

The event culminated with toasts from Minister Searle Turton, MLA Spruce Grove-Stony Plain, and Kalen Anderson, Executive Director from the Urban Development Institute – Edmonton Metro.  

Minister Turton urged the crowd to reflect on the impressive accomplishments, highlighting the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s ascent as one of the most powerful and rapidly growing regions in the country.

Kalen Anderson stressed the potential of public-private partnership, urging a leap of faith for greater collaboration beyond the 13 individual municipalities. She lauded the EMRB’s dedicated leadership over 15 years.

Master of Ceremonies Joan Hertz closed the event with her own heartfelt toast, saluting the EMRB’s courage, humility, and unwavering focus on driving economic prosperity for the entire Region.

Let us raise our glasses to the first fifteen years of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, and to the boundless potential that lies ahead in the years to come!

Great things don’t happen by mistake; it takes courage and commitment.

Honourable Searle Turton
MLA for Spruce Grove-Stony Plain
Minister Turton is smiling in front of a microphone.

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