The EMRB recognizes the power of collaboration that comes from building strong, trusting partnerships.

Through meaningful partnerships, we gain insights into what makes us unique, where our strengths are, and how we can leverage our assets, collectively address shared problems and foster synergies that unlock opportunities and benefits that no single municipality could achieve on its own.

At its heart, the work of our Board is about coming together to break down traditional barriers and generate tangible benefits for all residents and businesses in the Region.

Realizing the Region’s full potential can’t be left to chance or individual efforts alone. We must identify opportunities, build on our strengths, and continue moving forward together to foster smart growth.

Building enduring partnerships

The EMRB remains dedicated to building new partnerships, and strengthening existing ones. Through a culture of open dialogue and transparency, and through targeted initiatives we create conditions to work better together towards a shared vision of prosperity and quality of life for all who call the Region home, today and into the future.

The more we understand different perspectives and engage, the better the outcomes.

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It starts around the Board table

Our Board members bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge and a strong connection with their respective municipalities. Together at the EMRB, our Board members demonstrate vision, leadership, commitment and open dialogue at a unique regional table. 

In addition to its commitment to effective governance, the EMRB dedicates time as part of its regular Committee of the Whole meetings to collectively engage and reflect on regionally significant issues. 

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Transformative partnerships with governments

Provincial and federal governments are valued partners. We make a point of inviting them to the table with us when it comes to addressing complex issues and developing major plans like our transportation and agriculture plans. This enables us not only to benefit from their knowledge and expertise, but also maximizes the ongoing collaborative opportunities that may arise as part of the implementation of these plans. 

These strong partnerships ensure that the benefits of our work, to enhance the economic prosperity and well-being of the Region, also benefits the province and the country.

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A meaningful commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous communities

The EMRB has an important role to play in regional governance, and civil society more broadly, to uphold its responsibilities in the Spirit of Treaty and to create an enabling environment that will help further reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

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Our work is ongoing toward reconciliation and being intentional about building relationships with Indigenous leaders and their communities.

This work includes:

  • Working with Indigenous leadership to determine the best way to create meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities as part of the upcoming 10-year review of the growth plan.
View our Territorial Acknowledgement page

Champions for the Region

While we share an ambitious vision for the Region we call home, there is no denying that having a large and enthusiastic team rolling up their sleeves can only be a good thing. 

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EMRB works with many different partners —from industry, to subject matter experts and practitioners, from regional organizations to academia— to promote region building and to advance common interests. 

Whether it’s sharing regional data and modelling tools, or hosting events to bring together stakeholders and thought leaders on topics of regional importance and emerging trends, EMRB values and supports all champions for the Region. We are stronger together.

In the fall of 2024, we will launch a new annual flagship event, drawing together a diverse array of business, community, and political leaders to better understand the current state of the Region (and our work at the EMRB!), and collectively engage on a pivotal issue that is critical to the Region’s success.

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