EMRB approves the prioritization process and releases 2021 Regional Transportation Priorities Report.

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Edmonton, AB – Marking yet another milestone in implementing the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s growth plan, EMRB members approved a new data-informed prioritization process along with the 2021 Regional Transportation Priorities Report today.

The new data informed prioritization process assists municipal decision-makers in identifying their transportation capital projects so that they best align with regional objectives by providing direction on what is important to the Region based on the policies and goals of the 2021 final Integrated Regional Transportation Master plan (IRTMP), which was approved earlier this June.

The process not only encourages cost saving measures for transportation projects by considering cost metrics, it also demonstrates the benefits each “ready for construction project” will have on the transportation network through use of a regional travel model.

Adoption of the 2021 Regional Transportation Priorities Report concludes over two years of collaborative work by the 13 municipalities comprising the EMRB. The report is prepared annually and presented to the Government of Alberta to be considered during its budgeting and project selection process.

When I look back at the work that went into the IRTMP over the past two years, I am very proud of the way our Task Force and Board members have led and participated in this work with a regional mindset to develop a truly integrated transportation master plan that will benefit the entire Region.

Mayor Gale Katchur
Chair of the IRTMP Task Force

Our 13 member municipalities recognize that we are stronger together and we are laser focused on the future. With these robust plans and frameworks in place, we are making sure that we continue to grow in a way that meets the needs of future generations.

Mayor William Choy
Board Chair

The IRTMP recognizes that we need a plan that keeps up with today while planning for future transportation needs of citizens and businesses in the Region. It ensures we continue to move people and goods, connecting our communities and building our economy. It brings value to the Region by reducing duplication in transportation planning, prioritizing investments in critical transportation infrastructure, and allowing municipalities to go further with tax-payer dollars through regional cost-savings and much more.

✴︎ Quick facts

  • The EMRB is one of two provincially mandated regional growth management boards in Alberta.
  • Our Region is home to 1.3 million residents that represent one-third of Alberta’s population and one-third of the province’s economic activity, creating a dynamic and growing economy that is a magnet for people, businesses, and investment.
  • The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, and our regional population is expected to grow to over two million citizens by 2044.
  • The EMRB’s growth plan, Re-Imagine. Plan. Build. received the 2017 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for City and Regional Planning Excellence.

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