Driven by a shared vision for regional growth, our Board members provide leadership to regional initiatives building a connected, thriving, and sustainable Region.

Members 2021 to 2025

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As part of its provincial mandate, the Board works to

achieve consensus regarding matters before the Board

promote the long-term sustainability of the Region

ensure environmentally-responsible land use planning, growth management and efficient use of land

promote the economic well-being and competitiveness of the Region

develop policies outlining how the Board shall engage the public on the growth plan and the servicing plan

EMRB Board Org Structure


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Standing Committees & Task Forces

Committees and task forces are made up of Board members and other elected representatives from member municipalities. As warranted, a number of working groups are also established to further support these entities.

Committee of the Whole (CW)

achieve consensus regarding matters before the Board

Governance and Human Resources Committee (GHRC)

Provides oversight and advice to the Board and to EMRB Administration regarding all matters related to the governance of the organization, including: corporate and Board policy; CEO evaluation and succession planning; Board performance review, evaluation and development; as well as legal and regulatory compliance, among other matters.

Audit and Finance Committee (AFC)

Provides leadership and advice to the Board regarding its financial responsibilities, compliance, risk management, external reporting, and internal control policies and practices.

Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan (MRSP) Standing Committee

Oversees Regional Collaboratives focused on solid waste management, stormwater management, fire and emergency medical services, and emergency management.

Growth Plan Five-Year Interim Review Task Force (GPTF)

Provides advice and recommendations to the Board regarding potential amendments to the growth plan based on the outcomes of the five-year interim review.

Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC)

Made up of Board members who come together only if an official notice of dispute is submitted. Participates in facilitated discussions and mediations with the complainant(s).

Appeal Committee (AC)

Independent, arm’s length committee. The roster is comprised of 12 individuals appointed by the EMRB with relevant knowledge and/or experience. The committee conducts appeal hearings in panels of five (5) members.

Roster Members