Vol. 3, Issue 2 — April 2024

Strengthening & Expanding Economic Corridors

As Alberta focuses on economic growth and diversification, transportation is top of mind for both provincial and municipal governments. On March 21, Mayor Gamble, Mayor Acker, and CEO Karen Wichuk met with Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Dreeshen to discuss their respective transportation plans.

The EMRB and the Government of Alberta have been working together on the Edmonton Region Network Study (ERNS) which looks to 2075. The ERNS uses the EMRB’s 25-year Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan (IRTMP) as its foundation. The goal is to bolster roadway transportation network planning to better connect goods to market and people to jobs and services.

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors staff presented an update to the Board on the project during an in-camera meeting on April 11. Once the ERNS is completed in 2025-26, the EMRB will be asked to consider the study recommendations in future updates of the growth plan, transportation policies, and network plans.

The provincial government and EMRB’s shared commitment to transportation infrastructure was on display on March 22 when Minister Dreeshen announced $1.9 billion for major highway and bridge projects. CEO Karen Wichuk was at the event to offer the EMRB’s support.

“Strengthening and expanding economic corridors is a strategic priority for the EMRB,” she explained. “By working together, our 13 member municipalities are finding efficiencies so we can ensure people and goods can move seamlessly to, from, and throughout the Region. As the province’s population approaches five million, transportation networks have never been more important.”

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