Vol. 2, Issue 3 — December 2023

EMRB Budget 2024 Submission

To continue moving forward with our important work, the EMRB, during the call for Budget 2024 submissions, formally requested that the Government of Alberta restore our annual funding in the upcoming budget to $2 million annually for the next five years.

The contributions to the EMRB from the Government of Alberta have fallen by 50 per cent from $2 million to $1 million since 2019-20 and from $3 million since 2016-17. As such, our member municipalities have stepped up and increased municipal contributions by approximately $1.4 million, totalling just under $1.9 million on an annual basis, roughly double the provincial contribution.

While this has allowed us to continue our work, the growth in the Region demonstrates a greater opportunity for the provincial government to partner with us to support our regional prosperity. Should the government approve our budget request, we’re confident this investment will pay for itself many times over in the coming years. This funding will allow us to advance our work and leadership across several key areas, including agriculture, transportation, digital infrastructure, and housing.

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