Vol. 3, Issue 1 — February 2024

Saving Taxpayers Millions –

helping to generate billions

According to an independent report from MNP, Quantifying the Economic Value of the EMRB, the regional integrated planning model has been instrumental in saving Albertans at least $6.5 million in direct costs since 2017. Additionally, the Board has contributed to cost efficiency savings of another $12 million. The report also suggests that the EMRB has played a crucial role in conserving $2.4 billion in agricultural lands through the Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

“Given the complex and long-term nature of the EMRB’s work, the approach is more illustrative in nature than it is comprehensive,” says the report. “[This report] is a sampling of the value of the EMRB’s work. In no way does this report represent the full value of the EMRB’s work in any of the value categories identified.”


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